OT Luke Joeckel: Thats What He Said


After a weekend filled with activities, the Jags have wrapped up rookie mini camp. One player that both fans and coaches alike had their eye on was Jacksonville’s first round draft pick, OT Luke Joeckel. After practice, I had a chance to catch up with Joeckel to talk about how things went, Gus Bradley, and more:


Back to Football! Gus Bradley addresses the Jaguars Getting Back It….

April is upon us and just like that, so it football! Hard to believe it, but the Jaguars, as well as the rest of the league, are getting back out to the practice field by kicking off voluntary conditioning work outs. New head coach Gus Bradley talked to the media after today’s first session and addressed how things went, injuries, quarterback Blaine Gabbert, MJD, and more:

Gus Bradley:

*On what happened yesterday in Boston:


*How QB Blaine Gabbert did today:

*On whether he’s concerned about MJD’s conditioning:

*On whether MJD will be ready for camp in July:

*On the Jaguars mentality for the week:

*On his role as HC vs assistant:

*On throwing passes today at practice:

*On WR Cecil Shorts:

*On the right tackle position:

*On main goal as head coach:

*On whether this team has enough talent:

Practice will continue tomorrow. Check in then for more Jaguars coverage!

Blaine Gabbert and Maurice Jones-Drew: Injury updates, Green Bay Match Up, and More….

It hasn’t been a pretty year so far for the Jaguars.  The team currently sits at 1-5 after a 26-23 loss just a few days ago to the Raiders.  Sunday’s game didnt just cause yet another hit to their record; it also took a hit to the roster itself, in particular quarterback Blaine Gabbert and running back Maurice Jones-Drew.  The great news is that Gabbert expects to play Sunday.  The good news is that MJD will only have to miss a few weeks.  The bad news is the Jags definitely wont have Mojo for Sunday vs the Packers.  Both players had a chance to speak with the media today.  Here are some updates:


Quarterback Blaine Gabbert:

1. On whether there’s less pain today than there was Sunday: Gabbert1

2. On whether he’s thrown a ball since Sunday: Gabbert2

3. On why he ended up staying out vs Oakland: Gabbert3

4. On whether he is 100% for Sunday vs Packers: Gabbert4

5. On whether he saw Dr. James Andrews yesterday for a second opinion (as reported:) Gabbert5

6. On how much he worries about injuries: Gabbert6

7. On how the Jaguars offense overcomes having to play with out Maurice Jones-Drew: Gabbert7

8. On whether playing at Lambeau is different than any other road game due to the atmosphere: Gabbert8


RB Maurice Jones-Drew:

1. Response when asked about his injury: MJD1

2. On how dissapointing the situation is: MJD2

3. Whether he knows the estimated recovery time: MJD3

4. On whether he felt he was due for a big game prior to the injury: MJD4

5. On whether this team needs to catch a break: MJD5

6. On what ways he can help the team minus playing: MJD6

7. Response to speculation that the injury may have stemmed from missing training camp: MJD7

8. On whether he thought the play was dirty: MJD8

Jags vs Texans Post Game

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”  Actually, go ahead and drop “it was the best of times.”  Because today was just bad.  The Jaguars set a record this afternoon for the lowest total number yards of offense in franchise history with 117.  The Jaguars were 0 and 9 on third down conversions.  Not even the fact that Maurice Jones-Drew scored his 75th career touchdown can be called a silver lining to today’s performance.  Here’s what Coach Mularkey, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Blaine Gabbert had to say after today’s loss. 

Coach Mularkey:

Opening Statements: Mularkey1

On how soon into the 1st half did he notice trouble: Mularkey2

On whether msg of better tackling fell on deaf ears: Mularkey3

On the loss of momentum in the 3rd quarter after the call on Andre Branch for holding that ultimately helped lead to the Texans scoring: Mularkey4

On needing an entire team effort to be successful: Mularkey5

On Blaine Gabbert’s leg injury: Mularkey6

Why they went with Herb Taylor vs Mike Brewster: Mularkey7

On whether the O-line limited what they could do offensively: Mularkey8

On whether downfield shots were called: Mularkey9

On why there was no improvement from week 1 to week 2: Mularkey10

RB Maurice Jones -Drew:

On why the Jaguars lost: MJD1

On whether O-line limited the Jags today: MJD2

On what they did well today but need to do it more than once:  MJD3

On whether he feels he’s back to football shape: MJD6

QB Blaine Gabbert:

On what went wrong today: Gabbert1

On the lack of 3rd down conversions: Gabbert2

On whether he felt like they picked up momentum in 3rd quarter: Gabbert3

On whether this team can bounce back: Gabbert4

Catching up with Marcedes Lewis, Paul Posluszny, & Tyson Alualu

We are just a few days away from Jacksonville’s season home opener and it’s going to be a tough one.  The Jaguars will take on a tough AFC South opponent in the Houston Texans, a team well known for being able to attack you with both the pass and the run.  I had a chance to catch up with TE Marcedes Lewis, LB Paul Posluszny, and DT Tyson Alualu to talk about bouncing back from the loss to the Vikings, how to prepare for the Texans, and more:
TE Marcedes Lewis:   JBwithMarcedesLewis


LB Paul Posluszny: JBwithPos

JB with Tyson Alualu:

That’s What He Said: It’s a Mike Mularkey Wednesday

After having yesterday off, the Jaguars were back out on the practice field to start preparing for what will be a tough AFC South foe in the Houston Texans.  Coach Mike Mularkey met with the media afterwards to discuss every thing from injuries to  preparing for this weekend’s game and to let every one know that he has with out a doubt moved on from Sunday’s loss to the Vikings.

Coach Mike Mularkey:

*on the MRI results of both RB Rashad Jennings and OT Cameron Bradfield: Mularkey1  (side note: Mularkey confirmed that Jenning’s injury from Sunday is the same knee that he hurt in the preseason last year that landed him on IR)

*on what are they looking to change up to prevent further injuries from taking place: Mularkey2

*update on Eben Britton, Daryl Smith, and Derek Cox: Mularkey3 (side note: none of those guys have been ruled out for Sunday as of yet)

*on the connection between quarterback Blaine Gabbert and tight end Marcedes Lewis: Mularkey4

*on the game plan for Maurice Jones-Drew this weekend, taking into consideration the injury to Jennings: Mularkey5

*on where Mojo is as far as being in “football shape:” Mularkey6

*on what makes the Texans a good team: Mularkey7

*on having other options for their offensive line if guys like Eben Britton can’t go this weekend: Mularkey8

*on how he knows the team has purged the loss to the Vikings: Mularkey9

*on WR Cecil Shorts: Mularkey10 (side note: look for Shorts’ snap count to increase after his performance this past Sunday)

*what they can to improve tackling: Mularkey11

*how we know Mularkey has moved on from the Vikings loss; this was his response today after fielding a couple of questions about this past Sunday vs Minnesota: Mularkey12

Quick reminder, the Jaguars game agaisnt the Texans this weekend will be their first home game of the season.  It will kick off at 1:00.

That’s What He Said: LB Russell Allen Edition

With the loss of Clint Session for the season due to concussion related symptoms, the Jaguars will rely heavily on 4th year  linebacker Russell Allen to fill the void left behind.  I had a chance to catch up with Allen to discuss his new role. the game this weekend agaisnt the Vikings, RB Arian Peterson, and more:

JB with Russell Allen