Blaine Gabbert and Maurice Jones-Drew: Injury updates, Green Bay Match Up, and More….

It hasn’t been a pretty year so far for the Jaguars.  The team currently sits at 1-5 after a 26-23 loss just a few days ago to the Raiders.  Sunday’s game didnt just cause yet another hit to their record; it also took a hit to the roster itself, in particular quarterback Blaine Gabbert and running back Maurice Jones-Drew.  The great news is that Gabbert expects to play Sunday.  The good news is that MJD will only have to miss a few weeks.  The bad news is the Jags definitely wont have Mojo for Sunday vs the Packers.  Both players had a chance to speak with the media today.  Here are some updates:


Quarterback Blaine Gabbert:

1. On whether there’s less pain today than there was Sunday: Gabbert1

2. On whether he’s thrown a ball since Sunday: Gabbert2

3. On why he ended up staying out vs Oakland: Gabbert3

4. On whether he is 100% for Sunday vs Packers: Gabbert4

5. On whether he saw Dr. James Andrews yesterday for a second opinion (as reported:) Gabbert5

6. On how much he worries about injuries: Gabbert6

7. On how the Jaguars offense overcomes having to play with out Maurice Jones-Drew: Gabbert7

8. On whether playing at Lambeau is different than any other road game due to the atmosphere: Gabbert8


RB Maurice Jones-Drew:

1. Response when asked about his injury: MJD1

2. On how dissapointing the situation is: MJD2

3. Whether he knows the estimated recovery time: MJD3

4. On whether he felt he was due for a big game prior to the injury: MJD4

5. On whether this team needs to catch a break: MJD5

6. On what ways he can help the team minus playing: MJD6

7. Response to speculation that the injury may have stemmed from missing training camp: MJD7

8. On whether he thought the play was dirty: MJD8


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