Jags vs Texans Post Game

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”  Actually, go ahead and drop “it was the best of times.”  Because today was just bad.  The Jaguars set a record this afternoon for the lowest total number yards of offense in franchise history with 117.  The Jaguars were 0 and 9 on third down conversions.  Not even the fact that Maurice Jones-Drew scored his 75th career touchdown can be called a silver lining to today’s performance.  Here’s what Coach Mularkey, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Blaine Gabbert had to say after today’s loss. 

Coach Mularkey:

Opening Statements: Mularkey1

On how soon into the 1st half did he notice trouble: Mularkey2

On whether msg of better tackling fell on deaf ears: Mularkey3

On the loss of momentum in the 3rd quarter after the call on Andre Branch for holding that ultimately helped lead to the Texans scoring: Mularkey4

On needing an entire team effort to be successful: Mularkey5

On Blaine Gabbert’s leg injury: Mularkey6

Why they went with Herb Taylor vs Mike Brewster: Mularkey7

On whether the O-line limited what they could do offensively: Mularkey8

On whether downfield shots were called: Mularkey9

On why there was no improvement from week 1 to week 2: Mularkey10

RB Maurice Jones -Drew:

On why the Jaguars lost: MJD1

On whether O-line limited the Jags today: MJD2

On what they did well today but need to do it more than once:  MJD3

On whether he feels he’s back to football shape: MJD6

QB Blaine Gabbert:

On what went wrong today: Gabbert1

On the lack of 3rd down conversions: Gabbert2

On whether he felt like they picked up momentum in 3rd quarter: Gabbert3

On whether this team can bounce back: Gabbert4


2 Comments on “Jags vs Texans Post Game”

  1. Dave says:

    Jessica. What is your opinion of when J Blackmon will become the premier receiver for the Jags?

    • jblay1983 says:

      When he stops making poor off the field decisions and starts focusing 100% on football. We saw him prove last year that he can make plays. He’s got great hands too. But one more strike and he’s out of the league for a year. And it will take a heck of a lot more to come back from missing a year than 4 games….

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