That’s What He Said: It’s a Mike Mularkey Wednesday

After having yesterday off, the Jaguars were back out on the practice field to start preparing for what will be a tough AFC South foe in the Houston Texans.  Coach Mike Mularkey met with the media afterwards to discuss every thing from injuries to  preparing for this weekend’s game and to let every one know that he has with out a doubt moved on from Sunday’s loss to the Vikings.

Coach Mike Mularkey:

*on the MRI results of both RB Rashad Jennings and OT Cameron Bradfield: Mularkey1  (side note: Mularkey confirmed that Jenning’s injury from Sunday is the same knee that he hurt in the preseason last year that landed him on IR)

*on what are they looking to change up to prevent further injuries from taking place: Mularkey2

*update on Eben Britton, Daryl Smith, and Derek Cox: Mularkey3 (side note: none of those guys have been ruled out for Sunday as of yet)

*on the connection between quarterback Blaine Gabbert and tight end Marcedes Lewis: Mularkey4

*on the game plan for Maurice Jones-Drew this weekend, taking into consideration the injury to Jennings: Mularkey5

*on where Mojo is as far as being in “football shape:” Mularkey6

*on what makes the Texans a good team: Mularkey7

*on having other options for their offensive line if guys like Eben Britton can’t go this weekend: Mularkey8

*on how he knows the team has purged the loss to the Vikings: Mularkey9

*on WR Cecil Shorts: Mularkey10 (side note: look for Shorts’ snap count to increase after his performance this past Sunday)

*what they can to improve tackling: Mularkey11

*how we know Mularkey has moved on from the Vikings loss; this was his response today after fielding a couple of questions about this past Sunday vs Minnesota: Mularkey12

Quick reminder, the Jaguars game agaisnt the Texans this weekend will be their first home game of the season.  It will kick off at 1:00.


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