Coach Mularkey edition of “That’s What He Said” plus catching up with FB Montell Owens

We’re just a few days away from Jacksonville’s second game of the preseason vs the New Orleans Saints.  The team was ahrd at work again today in one of the most physical practices I’ve seen all training camp.  After practice, Mularkey spent some time with the media, addressing that physicality we all saw out there today, how Justin Blackmon is progressing, and eased every one’s fears about seeing Eben Britton leave the field with what appeared to be problems with his back, an injury that plagued him all last season.

First up, there was a lot of hitting going on today.  Practice got so physical at one point, that RB Jalen Parmele and DE Jeremy Mincey got into a little bit of a scuffle.  (Remember, Mularkey said he never condones fighting but he doesn’t discourage it either.   Here’s what Mulakrey had to say about the physical nature of the last couple of practices session: mularkey1

Moving on to the game coming up this weekend; we know how good the Saints are at almost every position.  This will be another good challenge for the Jags, both on offense and defense.  Another challenge will be the crowd, which is why Mularkey simulated crowd noise today by playing it at full blast over a loudspeaker.  Here’s Mularkey with what he’s expecting from the Saint’s fan base: mularkey2

When it comes to WR Justin Blackmon, the coaching staff has been running him at full speed these last two days.  He’s looked good, but I think today was the first time that fatigue was starting to take a toll.  Blackmon had consecutive drops towards the end of practice and also a pass that he completely looked over the wrong shoulder for when running his route.  They are definitely trying to get him as acclimated as quickly as possible and we can expect to see him for the entire first half of the game against the Saints.  Here’s coach Mularkey with the only things that would limit the number of reps Blackmon sees this weekend: mularkey3

Mularkey also addressed where Blackmon’s progress is at after just a few days of practice in full pads: mularkey4

The biggest scare in practice today was when RT Eben Britton walked off the field with what appeared to be issues with his back.  The jersey came off and he began walking with a trainer, hunched over.  We know Britton had problems with his back last year and even needed surgery.  Luckily, it turned out to be way less serious of an issue: mularkey5

Finally, TE Marcedes Lewis is one player Ive had my eye on through out camp mainly due to his lack of production last season.  He came into training camp a little “under-conditioned” but according to Coach Mularkey, he’s making some  progress: mularkey6


Quick side note, I had a chance in the locker room to catch up with FB/RB Montell Owens, who was recently moved up on the depth chart to #2 behind Rashad Jennings.  Here’s the interview if you’d like to take a listen: JBwithMontellOwens


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