That’s what He Said: WR Mike Thomas

Over the last few seasons, WR Mike Thomas has been one of the most scrutinized players the Jags have had on their roster.  From questions concerning his work ethic to whether or not he was even going to make the team this year, Thomas had heard it all.  But I’ll give him credit.  He has no problem continuing on in his journey as a football player no matter how much negativ press comes his way; and that was eveident earlier this morning when I caught up with Thomas after practice.  Note the air of chippiness surrounding the interview.  In no way, shape, or form does it bother me at all–in fact, I encourage it.  The bigger the chip on #80’s shoulder, the better I think he’s going to play:  JB with Mike Thomas

Like I said in the interview, I thought Thomas had a really nice game Friday night against the Giants.  I’m eagerly awaiting to see what this weekend will look like.


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