Jags Players respond to Heath Evans’ comments

Another uninformed, irresponsible comment about the Jaguars from the National media…this time it’s NFL Network analyst Heath Evans.  Evans stated on Tuesday night that there is a divide between Coach Mike Mularkey and certain pro-MJD players and that he is “distancing himself from [them] by not communicating with Maurice Jones-Drew during his holdout.”  Where did you do your research Heath?  Because according to the players I talked with in the locker room today, nothing could be farther from the truth:

G Uche Nwaneri: Uche on Heath Evans’ comments

DT Terrance Knighton: Knighton on Heath Evans’ comments

C Brad Meester: Meester on Heath Evans’ comments

RB Rashad Jennings: Jennings on Heath Evans’ comments

LB Paul Posluszny: Posluszny on Heath Evans’ comments

Marcedes Lewis then answered my question of whether he had noticed any sort of divide in the locker room:

TE Marcedes Lewis: Lewis on potential divide

Even Coach Mularkey himself started laughing when asked about the commets.  Lesson learned: DO YOUR RESEARCH.



4 Comments on “Jags Players respond to Heath Evans’ comments”

  1. National reporters seem to form opinions based on second-hand chatter or what they think will sound interesting when it comes to the Jacksonville Jaguars. I suggest Heath Evans signs on with one of the tabloid news shows like Entertainment Tonight if he’s going to go for “shock” value instead of researching the facts.

  2. Christina says:

    Heath Evans = Buffoon

  3. Bill says:

    Im just tired of all the negative remarks that this city is taking of the jaugars, Yes we havent beem a great team since tom left, Del Rio was a dispointmemt and should have been fired 3 years in, instead of 9 years. Glad Mr. Weaver sold the team and Mr. Khan got us a new coach in which he brought in one heck of a staff. And got this city all excited again.

    Heath Evans is another media nuckle head that is just trying to mark his name at the expense at once again the Jaguars. Drew is holding out on his own. People need to relize that he has 2 years left in his contract and he had only 1 really good year. And he also got a 7mil. bonus. He is playing on his ego and thats going to be his down fall. He will be missed on the field, and i hope he does come to his senses, of not then let the fines come in on him.

    The jaguars wil be fine. and Mr. evans find another team to pick on. GO JAGUARS!

  4. Scott Nugent says:

    On Saturday, Schlereth said the Jags have no chance of winning the division. Last year he said the Jags should get a point for a first down and the organization should focus on selling more than 30,000 tickets, yet there has not been a blackout since 2008.

    Could it be Schlereth is jealous because he never would have played in the NFL if they only had 7 rounds when he was drafted (in the 10th round)?

    Or, could it be he is insanely jealous because Clyde Simmons completely dominated him when the Jags beat the Broncos in the 1996 playoffs?

    If a coach cannot criticize a referee;
    And, a player is limited to what they can tweet;
    Then, Analyst should be held to at least a fundamental level of character and professionalism – something Schlereth lacks.

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