“Just-in” Time? Blackmon reports to camp…


As reported yesterday, Jaguars wide reciever Justin Blackmon has finally signed a contract with Jacksonville, allowing him today to make his first taining camp appearance.  Blackmon, along with Jags GM Gene Smith, met with the media after practice to discuss the deal, finally having the first round pick at practice, and more.  First up, the comments of Justin Blackmon….

WR Justin Blackmon:

*on being back:  Blackmon1

*on having his agent do all the negotiating:  Blackmon2

*on how satisfied he is with his signing bonus percentage:  Blackmon3

*on what he’s been doing to stay in shape during his absence: Blackmon4

*on who he’s had throwing to him:  Blackmon5

*on how difficult it’s been to know the offense has been struggling with out him here but he couldn’t help until signing:  Blackmon6

*on what else he was able to work on while he was away:  Blackmon7

*on what was the hardest part of the process: Blackmon8

*This is the one thing I wanted to know; could have used a better answer though: Blackmon9


GM Gene Smith:

*some promising news about Blackmon with regards to him being absent: Smith1

*on whether he’ll make an impact: Smith2

*on whether or not  it was worth having the holdout for the deal that was finally done: Smith3

*on what the negotiating process was like:  Smith4

*Maurice Jones-Drew update:  Smith5


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