Thats What He Said: OC Bob Bratkowski

I love talking with Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski for several reasons:

1.  I feel his name could also be a character on Seinfeld.

2.  Bob Bratkowski sounds eerily similar to BIll Brasky….see left.

3.  He candidly answers questions in response to where this offense currently stands.  In fact, Coach Bratkowski spoke with the media today after practice.  Here are some of the things he had to say:


*What he sees out of Gabbert so far in training camp: Bratkowski1

*The specifics of what Blaine has improved upon: Bratkowski2

*Gabbert as far as mechanical improvements go: Bratkowski3

*Gabbert needing guys around him that he can count on: Bratkowski4


*On running back Jalen Parmele, who could very well be the backup to Rashad Jennings if MJD continues to hold out through the start of the season: Bratkowski5


*The receivers have been struggling through out the course of training camp.  Here’s Bratkowski with why that might be:  Bratkowski6

*More on the passing game: Bratkowski7

The Jaguars have their first big challenge this Friday when they will kick off the preseason against the SuperBowl winning Giants.  That will kick off at 7:30 down at EverBank Field.


One Comment on “Thats What He Said: OC Bob Bratkowski”

  1. […] continue to heap praise on him (hat tip to Jessica Blaylock), and he looked good at scrimmage. Meanwhile there are still practices where he comes apart and his […]

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