Jags Wrap Mini Camp/Coach Mularkey and Justin Blackmon editions of “that’s what he said”

As of today, the Jaguars have officially wrapped up this year’s mandatory mini camp.  We know the biggest story of the week was running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s failure to appear for the mandatory sessions as part of a contract holdout; however, I was also curious to see how Justin Blackmon would respond following his second DUI arrest late last week.  Blackmon, along with Coach Mike Mularkey, spoke with the media following this morning’s session.  Here are some of the highlights:

First off, here’s Coah Mularkey’s response when I asked him if he felt like Justin Blackmon had something extra to prove this week in light of recent events: Mularkey1

Here’s what Blackmon thought in regards to the same question: Blackmon1

Other notes:

*Mularkey on strong finish to camp/what he liked: Mularkey2

*Mularkey on doing things the right way: Mularkey3

*Mularkey on Blackmon in regards to him as a player: Mularkey4

*Mularkey on biggest position battle: Mulrkey5

*Mularkey on leadership from players: Mularkey6

*Blackmon on his approach to camp: Blackmon2

*Blackmon on biggest difference between NFL and college: Blackmon3

Just for fun, here’s Justin Blackmon with his prediction for tonight’s game 2 of the NBA finals between the Heat and Thunder: Blackmon4


4 Comments on “Jags Wrap Mini Camp/Coach Mularkey and Justin Blackmon editions of “that’s what he said””

  1. Nice sound bytes. Good job.

  2. Freddy says:

    Whats your twitter account

  3. jblay1983 always rocking it out in the production room on old rock Thursday. Great job lately on the interviews with an individual Jaguar players after camp. If you need any help beautifying your WordPress site, let me know. Unless you like the current theme your using. Just wanted to throw the offer out there. I am a web designer and do lots of work in WordPress.

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