Justin Blackmon post DUI comments

It was a bad weekend for Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon.  Blackmon was arrested for his second DUI in less than 3 years.  After dealing with the legal side of things out in Oklahoma, Blackmon was back in Jacksonville and met with the media yesterday to address his arrest.  Sitting in between General Manager Gene Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey, Blackmon issued an aoplogy and then responded to questions concerning whether or not he has a drinking problem and more: 

*Justin Blackmon apology: Blackmon apology

*Blackmon on whether or not he has a drinking problem: Blackmon1

*Blackmon on the 2010 incident and whether this was the same type of situation: Blackmon2

*Blackmon on whether he’ll seek help: blackmon3

*Blackmon on whether he’s done drinking: Blackmon4

*Blackmon on talking with former Jag RB Fred Taylor:Blackmon5

*Blackmon on how he feels having put his GM and head coach into the position they were in yesterday: Blackmon6

*Blackmon on actions, not words has to show change: Blackmon7

*Blackmon on the conversation he had with his mother after arrest: Blackmon8

Here is the press conference in its entirety if you didn’t get to hear it on 1010XL and 92.5FM: Blackmon Presser WHOLE



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