Meet Andre Branch

Former Clemson DE Andre Branch officially became a Jaguar yesterday thanks to signing a 4 year, $5.1 million dollar deal with Jacksonville.  Today, Branch spoke with the media about the signing, the relationships he’s developing with his team mates, and more:

DE Andre Branch: 

1. on how it feels to have a deal in place: Branch1

2. on whether the draft or signing his contract was bigger: Branch2

3. on the pace of the NFL vs college ball: Branch3

4. on his new coaches: Branch4

5. on whether he’s ever had a coach that yells as much as Joe Cullen: Branch5

6. on whether or not he’s able to gage where he isplaying with out pads as well as the other limitation of OTA’s: Branch6

7. on what he’s learned from his extensive talks so far with the veterans on the team: Branch7

I’ve heard nothing but great things so far about Branch–here’s to wishing him a wonderful rookie season with a big impact out on the field!


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