This “Just in!” Blackmon the newest member of the Jags!

Sorry, I had to : )

Way to go Jaguars!  I love the move to trade up to #5 to take Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon! 

Blackmon was here in Jacksonville earlier today to speak with the media for the first time as a Jaguar.  Here’s what he had to say about becoming a Jag and more:

Justin Blackmon:

*on being happy to be here: blackmon1

*on the process so far: blackmon2

*on meeting Blaine Gabbert briefly: Blackmon3

*on whether his college number (81) is near and dear to him: blackmon4

*on enjoying every moment so far: blackmon5

*on how much he knew about the Jags before: blackmon6

*on his reaction to the Jaguars taking him: blackmon7

*his reaction to the city of Jacksonville so far: blackmon8

*on NFL players he emulates: blackmon9


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