Chad Henne: The Return of “That’s What He Said”

The quarterback position will be just one of the many intriguing story lines heading into this upcoming season.  The Jags roster still includes last year’s tenth pick in the draft, Blaine Gabbert, who now has a full season under his belt.  It will also include former Dolphins QB Chad Henne, who has made it clear that he will be competiting for a starting role.  Henne spoke to the media earlier today.  Here’s what he had to say about Blaine Gabbert, his goals, and how he feels about getting back to football:

*on his goals for this season: Henne1

*on whether his experience will give him an edge over Blaine Gabbert: Henne2

*on how he’s been able to help Gabbert so far: Henne3

*on what he takes away from the games he was able to play in last year for Miami (before getting injured): Henne4

*on what he learned from at one time being a young quarterback himself in the league: Henne5

*on his reaction to the Jaguars going after Tim Tebow: Henne6

*on there always being competition at the QB spot: Henne7

*on balancing the dynamic of both helping/competing at the QB spot: Henne8 

*on how excited he is to be getting back to football: Henne9

*on how difficult it is developing a sense of rapport with a new group of receivers: Henne10

*on whether or not it’s his mindset to be the starter on opening day: Henne11




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