Blaine Gabbert on new head coach Mike Mularkey

The Jaguars officially announced today that Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey will take over the team as the new head coach.  One of the biggest challenges he will face is developing quarterback Blaine Gabbert.  Here is Gabbert with some thoughts on Mularkey:

*his impression of Mularkey: Gabbert1

*what he and Mularkey have discussed: Gabbert2

*on what it’s like to finally have a guy in place: Gabbert3

*on how nice it will be to actually have time this summer to learn the new offense: Gabbert4

*on whether or not Mularkey’s track record with Matt Ryan helps: Gabbert5

*on whether the two  have discussed any expectations: Gabbert6

*on how much Gabbert thinks Mularkey knew about him coming in: Gabbert7

*on what the biggest challenges will be when it comes to learning a new offense: Gabbert8

*the most important thing he took away from his conversation with Coach Mularkey: Gabbert9


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