Jaguars out! Closing comments and remarks…

What an interesting season for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The changes that this team made in one year, the ups, the downs…how do you really sum it up? 

Today the team held their exit interviews and reflected on this past year.  Here’s what some of the guys, along with Coach Mel Tucker, had to say:

QB Blaine Gabbert:

*on whether he’s ready to get a bit of a break: Gabbert1

*on what conversations have been like over the past few days: Gabbert2

*the highlight of the season for him personally: Gabbert3

*on whether he watches the bowl games/what he thinks of Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon: Gabbert4

*onwhether he will closely follow the coaching search: Gabbert5

*on what he will do to improve during the offseason: Gabbert6

*on whether this season was emotionally/mentally draining: Gabbert7

*on which guys he will miss the most during the offseason: Gabbert8


RB Maurice Jones-Drew:

*general thoughts about the season: MJD1

*on whether or not he will pay atention to the coaching search: MJD2

*on the release of David Garrard being the toughest part of the year was for him: MJD3


Coach Mel Tucker:

*opening comments: Tucker1

*thanks to the organizations as well as the fans: Tucker2

*on Maurice Jones-Drew and the special season he had: Tucker3

*on QB Blaine Gabbert: Tucker4

*on the defense: Tucker5

*on his future with the Jaguar organization: Tucker6

More to come later this afternoon from Marcedes Lewis, Terrance Knighton, Paul Posluszny, and Daryl Smith



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