MJD: Wanting a win over the Colts, being selected to the Pro Bowl, and what he thinks of my dog’s name

Yep, you read that title right.  I’ll explain later.  First off, Jaguar running back Maurice Jones-Drew is heading to Hawaii again for the 2012 Pro Bowl.  This is the third straight year Mojo has earned the honor and he’s only the fourth player in franchise history to be voted to the Pro Bowl in three consecutive seasons.  ( Tony Boselli did it from 1996-2000, Jimmy Smith from 1997-2001, and Marcus Stroud from 2003-05.) 

Before that however, MJD still has to play in Jacksonville’s season finale against the Colts, where he’ll only need 136 yards to break Fred Taylor’s single season rushing record.  Here’s Jones-Drew on the game against Indy, being named to the Pro Bowl, and more:

*on how important it is to get a win on Sunday: MJD1

*on what a win would mean: MJD2

*on what being named to the Pro Bowl means to him: MJD3

*on being surprised that no other Jags were named to the Pro Bowl: MJD4

*on what it would mean to possibly take over the single season rushing record on Sunday: MJD5

*on whether or not it’s sinking in that he only needs 136 more yards to take over the single season rushing record from Fred Taylor: MJD6

*on what it’s going to take to beat the Colts on Sunday: MJD7

*on what Freddie Taylor taught him: MJD8

Now, the story about my dog’s name…My little pup is named “Vito Corleone Indiana Jones.”  Awesome, I know.  I call him Vito for short, which also just happens to be the name of Mojo’s favortie Times Union writer, thus, setting up the following opening to the media’s discussion today with MJD:  MJD9

Never a dull moment with Maurice Jones-Drew.


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