Jags win! Jags win! MJD, Blaine Gabbert, and Mel Tucker share their post game thoughts….

Offensive scoring?  Check.  Defensive scoring? Check. Special Teams scoring? Check.

The Jags put on quite a show against the Bucs this afternoon.  And while I realize Tampa Bay isn’t that great of a team, Jacksonville got a good looking win and I’m going to give them all the credit they deserve.  All three units played beautifully after the slow start, culminating in a 41 to 14 victory.  Here’s MJD, Blaine Gabbert, and Coach Mel Tucker with their thoughts on the big win:

RB Maurice Jones-Drew:

*on what it means to him to hold the new touchdown record: MJD1

*on what turned the game around: MJD2

*on how badly the Jags needed a win: MJD3

*was every thing just clicking today? MJD4

*on whether any of his 4 touchdowns stood out to him: MJD5

*on Blaine Gabbert: MJD6

*on finishing/how it translates to a player: MJD7

QB Blaine Gabbert:

*on biggest thing the team has been working on: Gabbert1

*on whether he thought he played his best game: Gabbert2

*on finishing: Gabbert3

*on the 62 yd pass to Marcedes Lewis: Gabbert4

*what drives Gabbert to keep getting up: Gabbert5

*on feeling connected with Mel Tucker: Gabbert6

*on what he needs to work on through the last few games: Gabbert7

Coach Mel Tucker:

*opening comments: Tucker1

*on Josh Scobee/why they went for the 2 pt conversion vs the PAT: Tucker2

*on having great leadership on the team/handling adversity: Tucker3

*what he saw on the 62 yd pass from Gabbert to Marcedes Lewis: Tucker4

*what he was worked on with Blaine Gabbert: Tucker5

*on what the win personally means to him: Tucker6

*on whether this win validates him as a head coach: Tucker7

*on whether he has ever been involved in a quarter like the one where all 3 units scored: Tucker8

*on getting a little emotional after the game and whether or not he really shed a tear like some of the players said: Tucker9

*on whether he considered taking Maurice Jones-Drew out near the end of the game due to the short week: Tucker10

The Jaguars will have a few days to prepare for the Falcons, which they will play against on Thursday in Atlanta….


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