Jaguars lose to Chargers: post game comments from Mel Tucker, MJD, and Blaine Gabbert

Hand it to the Chargers–they gave the Jaguars the business in front of a national audience.  Philip Rivers picked apart a down and out Jacksonville secondary riddled with injuries and once again, the offense was….non-existent.  Here are the post game comments of Mel Tucker, MJD, and Blaine Gabbert:

Mel Tucker:

*Opening comments: Tucker1

*On dealing with all of the injuries at cornerback: Tucker2

*On not getting any pressure on Philip Rivers: Tucker3

*On what he saw from Blaine Gabbert: Tucker4

*On MJD now being the NFL’s rushing leader: Tucker5

*Did you feel like you had an opportunity to really open up the offense with the way the game went in to the second half? Tucker6

*On the apparent lack of urgency in the second half: Tucker7

RB Maurice Jones-Drew:

*On now being the NFL’s rushing leader: MJD1

*What did you want to see from this team tonight after the chaotic week you’ve had: MJD2

*What was the mood of the team this week after all of the changes? MJD3

*Any frustration about being pulled at times tonight when you seemed to have it rolling? MJD4

*On his TD dance: MJD5

QB Blaine Gabbert:

*On trying to build on his early success in this game: Gabbert1

*What went wrong after those two successful drives: Gabbert2

*What happened on the interception: Gabbert3

*On whether or not he was surprised about how quickly the game unraveled for the Jags: Gabbert4


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