Player reaction to the firing of Jack Del Rio

Jack Del Rio has been fired after nine seasons with the  Jaguars.  He finishes his career in Jacksonville with a record of 68 and 71, going 1 and 2 in the post season.  Here are several players with their reaction to the news and more:

RB Maurice Jones-Drew:

*his reaction to the news: MJD1

*on Del Rio being a players coach: MJD2

*his reaction to the team being sold: MJD3

*on what the team is playing for now: MJD4

*on what Mel Tucker brings: MJD5

QB Blaine Gabbert:

*his reaction to the news: Gabbert1

*on how you handle decisions like the ones made today: Gabbert2

*on going through pretty much every situation that a player could possibly go through all in his rookie year: Gabbert3

LB Paul Posluszny:

*on what Jack told the players: Pos1

*on whether Del Rio seemed more and more tired through out the course of the season: Pos2

*on how much it helps that defensive coordinator Mel Tucker will be the one to transition into interim coach: Pos3

*on all the changes that have taken place in his first year as a Jaguar: Pos4

TE Marcedes Lewis: 

*his reaction to the news: Lewis1

*on whether he picked up on any indication that this was coming: Lewis2

*on whether this is on the players/did Del Rio do every thing he could: Lewis3

DE Jeremy Mincey:

*reaction to the news/general thoughts on every thing taking place: Mincey1


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