“Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley.”

The title of this blog has nothing to do with the entry.  I just thought we all needed a good laugh….

Speaking of needing a good laugh, JDR just continues to look more and more exhausted and ready to move on with each passing week.  He was no different in his Monday press conference earlier today.  Take a good listen to the tone of his voice as Del Rio discusses his rookie quarterback, how he’s handling the current state of Jaguar football, and more:

Jack Del Rio; thats what he said:

The Jags will go with Gabbert under center on Monday night against the Chargers.  Here’s JDR on his quarterback situation: JDR1

Why not Luke McCown? JDR2

Del Rio had said previously that he felt Gabbert was making progress, particularly in practice.  Because of that, JDR felt good about the game plan heading in to the match up with the Texans: JDR3

Gabbert still looks tenative in the pocket and doesn’t respond well to pressure.  Thoughts? JDR4

Gabbert had every right to be upset about Marcedes Lewis not catching that wide open pass for a touchdown.  Does Gabbert call out veterans after plays like that or keep pretty quiet in the huddle? JDR5

Speaking of Marcedes Lewis, how do you get him on the right path? JDR6

The bright spot of this team is still the defense, who played pretty nicely with all the fill ins due to guys going on IR.  Here’s JDR with his thoughts on how the revamped defense performed: JDR7

Back to offense, another guy who has struggled this season is back up RB Deji Karim.  Any idea why Jack? JDR8

But our go to running back has been phenomenal.  With out Maurice Jones-Drew, this offense would be non-existenet.  Here’s JDR with what MJD means to this team: JDR9

The Jags next game is on Monday night against the Chargers and it will be intersting to see how many people actually make it out.  Let’s end today’s entry with a message from Del Rio to the fan base: JDR10


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