I’ve taken all I can stand… and I can’t stand no more! Gabbert, McCown, and Thomas discuss the loss to the Texans plus Jarrett Dillard and William Middleton

The title of this blog entry is not only a great quote from Chunk in one of my favorite movies, “The Goonies,” but also an accurate assessment of how I feel right now.  Really?  The defense puts up more points than the offense?  Guys continuing to drop wide open passes?  3 and out, 3 and out, 3 and out?   No offensive touchdowns?

The Jaguars lose to the Texans by a final score of 20 to 13 with a few plot twists through out the course of the game.  In the middle of the 4th quarter, Jack Del Rio made the decisin to pull Blaine Gabbert and put Luke McCown in to try and get a spark on offense.  It almost worked too.  Here’s Gabbert with his reaction to the decision, where he goes from here, and more:

QB Blaine Gabbert:

*on having a tough day: Gabbert1

*on the effect McCown was able to have on the game: Gabbert2

*on how frustrated he is right now: Gabbert3

*what he learned from today: Gabbert4

*on whether he’s lost confidence: Gabbert5

*on whether he learned anything by watching from the sideline: Gabbert6

*Del Rio said in his press conference that Blaine is still his starting quarterback.  Gabbert’s reaction/response to that: Gabbert7

*on what his focus will be at practice this upcoming week following today’s performance: Gabbert8

Now let’s hear from the man who replaced him.

QB Luke McCown:

*on whether he was surprised to get the call to go in: McCown1

*on whether he knows what this means going forward: McCown2

*the ball was coming out quicker when McCown was passing.  is that just experience? McCown3

*on whether he was anticipating calling a time out before 4th down on the last drive: McCown4

*what McCown will tell Gabbert to encourage him after the tough day: McCown5

*on whether McCown senses any lack of confidence from Blaine: McCown6

WR Mike Thomas:

One on One Interviews:

I also had a chance to talk with a couple of players one on one on both sides of the ball concerning the loss. 

CB William Middleton, who has to fill in for both Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox, who are both on IR: JB with William Middleton

WR Jarrett Dillard, who has made some pretty big catches in the past few games and is possibly taking over as one of the top wide receivers on the team: JB with Jarrett Dillard


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