Examining the Jaguar Linebacker Corp

The Jaguar linebacker corp took a hit yesterday with the loss of Clint Session, who was placed on IR with a head injury after suffering another concussion.  Here’s Daryl Smith, Paul Posluszny , and Russell Allen with their reaction to the loss of Session, preparing for Sunday’s rematch with the Texans, and more:


#52 Daryl Smith:

*on losing Session: Smith1

*on whether his role as a leader has changed with Rashean Mathis going on IR: Smith2

*on preparing for Houston with the return of Arian Foster and Andre Johnson: Smith3 


#51 Paul Posluszny:

*on losing Session: Pos1

*on what new LB Kevin Bentley brings to the team: Pos2

*on whether his role as a leader has changed with the loss of Rashean Mathis: Pos3

*on how preparing for QB Matt Leinart differs from preparing for QB Matt Schaub: Pos4

*on what happened against Cleveland as far as a breakdown against defending the run: Pos5

*on how he feels about the defense having to do so much to balance out the lack of offensive production: Pos6


#50 Russell Allen:

*on how he feels about stepping in to fill the void left behind by Session: Allen1

*on what he’s learned from Smith, Posluszny, and Session: Allen2

*on the challenges the Texans present: Allen3

*what it’s going to take to win: Allen4


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