Rock bottom–No where to go but up??

So I don’t know what to say any more.  Or really what to ask, which is not good as a journalist.  I’m not an expert, nor do I claim to be, but how do you not go to Maurice Jones-Drew on the most important play of the game?  How do you not do a better job of managing the clock in the last two minutes of regulation?  Ok, maybe I do still know some questions to ask.  But enough with questions.  Let’s hear some answers:

Jack Del Rio:

Earlier this afternoon, JDR held his usual Monday press conference.  Here are his opening comments:  JDR

Del Rio then addressed where the game got away from them: JDR1

There was an opportunity at the end of the 1st half to kick the field goal from pretty far out but they punted instead.  Did Jack at least think about attempting the kick: JDR2

This isn’t the first time Jacksonville has lost a close one.  Does it feel similar to the loss to Carolina?   JDR3

A lot of people feel the game was mismanaged and the final drive again was just a disaster.  Here’s JDR with his explanation of the last couple of plays: JDR4

On the last play, Gabbert went to Mike Thomas when there was a wide open Maurice Jones-Drew.  Thoughts? JDR5

There were a couple of plays earlier in the game that weren’t well executed by Gabbert either.  The deep ball where Gabbert looked like he was ducking as he released it and the lateral that cost them yardage.  Can you talk about those two plays? JDR6

Overall though, was this game a step forward for Blaine as far as his progress this season? JDR7

For most part, Blaine did look better.  In addition, he and Marcedes Lewis were finally able to get on the same page for some plays: JDR8

Despite the positives though, it was unfortunately still another loss.  Ill have more later from both Mike Thomas and Jeremy Mincey with their thoughts on yesterday’s performance.


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