Jags LB and former Nittany Lion Paul Posluszny speaks about the Penn State Scandal

Utterly horrifying…absolutely appalling…chilling…all of those are complete understatements in regards to the scandal that has emerged involving former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and his sexual abuse of young boys.  In all of this, Joe Paterno isn’t looking great either.  JoePa had knowledge of the situation and while he did report it to the Athletic Director, he did nothing to follow up or see to it that Sandusky was investigated.  It all makes me sick to my stomach.  And it’s hit close to home for one player in particular on the Jaguars; former Nittany Lion Paul Posluszny, who was an All-American during his time in State College, PA.  Here are some comments from Posluszny, from his reaction to the news to whether or not the school will be able to survive this dispicable horror:

*Posluszny on Paterno being done at the end of the season: Pos1

*Posluszny on there still being good people at Penn State: Pos2

*Posluszny on whether his opinion of JoePa has changed: Pos3

*Posluszny on whether his opinion would change if JoePa had complete knowledge of what was going on: Pos4

*Posluszny on whether Paterno telling the Athletic Director was enough: Pos5

*Posluszny on whether Penn State can survive this: Pos6

*Posluszny on his initial reaction: Pos7

*Posluszny on how this has affected the Penn State family: Pos8

*Posluszny on when he’ll be able to wear Penn State gear again: Pos9

*Posluszny on whether this feels like betrayal: Pos10


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