The Stars at night are big and bright…deep in the heart of Texans!

Not a typing error…just a play on words. 

Oh Jaguars…  Another missed opportunity.  I don’t know what else to say.  This seems to be the Jags M.O.  Get a big win, somehow lose the momentum from one week to the next, and drop the following game.  With a win, the Jags could have gotten right back into the AFC South race.  They could have started turning some of the negative attention into some positive talk.  Instead, they drop to 2 and 6 and dig an ever deeper hole that they’ll have to spend the second half of the season crawling out of. 

But enough of my ranting…here’s Jack Del Rio, who spoke with the media earlier today:

The first question that came up focused on whether you can take any thing positive away from the first half of the year, despite the 2 and 6 record.  Jack didn’t really want to talk about that though: JDR1

He did, however, speak about where they go from here: JDR2

Two players got a little banged up in yesterday’s loss.  QB Blaine Gabbert took a shot to the ribs while Will Rackley is dealing with an ankle injury.  As of right now, not much to report as far as updates to their status: JDR3

Speaking of Gabbert…here’s JDR’s opiniopn on where Blaine is and whether or not he feels he is regressing: JDR4

So we know Blaine needs to play better.  Is there one particualr thing he needs to improve upon? JDR5

Is he struggling because he’s lost confidence in his ability? JDR6

Del Rio said the bye was coming at a perfect time.  It will give the team a chance to regroup for the second half of the season.  Due to the new CBA though, the Jags will be limited with what they can and can not do.  Here’s JDR on how they will spend the next week or so: JDR7

Getting back to the team, Jacksonville’s offensive woes just continue on.  But according to Del Rio, the team is continuing to put in the had work and show a willingness to commit to improving: JDR8

As far as the defense, Jacksonville has been playing lights out.  But even JDR was dissapointed at the end of the game with how things unraveled: JDR9

I know it’s hard for Jack to not be frustrated with those :missed opportunities” but the Jag’s defense has been the only bright spot so far this season.  This team’s got some serious cleaning up to do on the offensive side of the ball or they just may lose to Indy….Lord help us if that happens.


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