Josh Scobee: the Man, the Myth, the Legend

Ok, that may be a litle dramatic….but not really.  Josh Scobee  has kind of become a legend in his own right.  Thanks to his 12 points, Jacksonville was able to knock off Baltimore on Monday.  His first field goal attempt was 54 yards–and he nailed it!  (along with two other +50 yarders and one that was from right around the 20 just for good measure.)  And Ill admit–I’m curious; curious about what Scobee said to Del Rio to let him kick that first field goal?  Curious how Scobee feels to be the one putting up 99% of the Jags’ points?  Curous about his thoughts on whether or not field goals will be able to carry Jacksonville for the rest of the season.  So I asked him about all of that.  And more.  Here’s what he had to say: JB with Josh Scobee (10-27-11)


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