Believe the Unbelievable: Jags beat the Ravens on MNF!

The Jacksonville Jaguars pulled off the unbelievable last night.  They got a huge win over the Baltimore Ravens in front of a national audience thanks to an unreal defensive performance and the leg of this guy right here.  Josh Scobee put four straight through the uprights to break the Jags five game losing streak.  Here’s the hero of the game, Coach Del Rio, and a few others to share their thoughts on last night’s victory:

Josh Scobee:

*On kicking 3 FG’s from over 50 yards: Scobee1

*On talking Del Rio into the first FG attempt: Scobee2

*On whether the crowd helped the team last night: Scobee3

Jack Del Rio:

*Post game opening Comments: JDR1

*Whether or not this was the most dominant defensive performance he has seen since being in Jacksonville: JDR2

*On whether he felt that getting some guys back on defense was a help: JDR3

*Did the team prepare any differently defensively for this game: JDR4

*What the feeling in the locker room was after finally getting a win: JDR5

Maurice Jones-Drew:

*On how it feels to get 100 rushing yards against the Ravens: MJD1

*On whether or not this the most physical game he’a been a part of: MJD2

*On how much of a boost in confidence this win gives the team: MJD3

*On whether the fact that most people had written this game off as a loss had any impact in the way the team played: MJD4

*Does MJD feel like this is the start of something good for this team: MJD5

*Is this a season turning victory for the team: MJD6

*On what turned it around from the previous five games to last night: MJD7

Blaine Gabbert:

*On how if feels to finally get his first win: Gabbert1

*On facing the 3 best defenses in the league the last 3 weeks and whther he feels like it can only get easier from here on out: Gabbert2

*On the biggest thing that he takes away from the win: Gabbert3

*on whether or not this was the best performance of the season from the offensive line: Gabbert4

Now lets carry this momentum to Houston and get an AFC South win over the Texans!


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