He’s back! The return of Mike Sims-Walker

Former and now current Jaguar wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker had a chance to practice with his new/old team earlier today.  After that, the media had a chance to catch up with MSW for his first interview of the season back in black….and teal.  (Hey, it’s not every day you got to drop in an AC/DC play on words…)

First off, the obvious question: how does it feel to be back in Jacksonville? Sims-Walker1

Mike tweeted earlier this week about returning to the Jags as a “changed man.”  Here’s what he meant by that: Sims-Walker2

The Jags decided last season not to resign Sims-Walker and released him.  He end up with the Rams, who let him go on Tuesday.  Here’s the wide receiver with how those decisions affected him: Sims-Walker3

Luckily with Sims-Walker having been here before, he says picking the playbook back up has been relatively easy: Sims-Walker4

But he’s got a different QB this time around: Sims-Walker5

And he’s already had a chance to catch a few passes from #11: Sims-Walker6

Gabbert will be the third QB in less than 2 yaears that Sims-Walker will be receiving passes f rom.  Here he is with whether or not making the transition from David Garrard to Sam Bradford to Blaine Gabbert will be or has been difficult: Sims-Walker7

And Sims-Walker returns just in time for Monday Night football: Sims-Walker8

Mike wasn’t the only one today who commented on his return to Jacksonville.  Here’s Coach Jack Del Rio with his thoughts on the situation: JDR on return of Sims-Walker

Hopefully #15 (that’s his new number for 2011) will be able to make some big catches on Monday night against the Ravens…


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