Maurice Jones-Drew on the return of Mike Sims-Walker, Yellow shirts, and more

We’ve gone over Mojo’s QVC shopping habits, his love for Alicia Keys…now back to football.

First off, the word is that wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker is on his way back to Jacksonville.  Here’s MJD with his thoughts on the situation: MJD1

Another story that has emerged today is the resurgence of the way that the Jags handled the releasing of quarterback David Garrard.  MJD was asked about that situation again and how he feels about the “business” side of the game: MJD2

Ok, getting back to the big game coming up on Monday Night against the Ravens.  I had a chance to ask Jones-Drew what he would like to see this team accomplish, in particular, in front of a national audience: MJD3

Maurice was then asked about Marcedes Lewis’ struggles so far this season and how he thinks he’s handling it: MJD4

Mojo, as usual, was able to give us a laugh.  He was asked by Vito Stellino (who MJD loves to banter with) how the mood is amongst the team.  Here’s what MJD had to say as well as his answer to the question: MJD5

All joking aside, here is the bottom line for Monday night: MJD6


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