If the wheels fell off last week, is it now time for the tow truck?

1 and 5.  Tied for the worst start in franchise history.  I never saw this coming.  Even after the Jags released David Garrard.  Mind boggling…

I will give Jacksonville some credit in certain areas–the defense fought their a’s off through out that game.  They couldn’t make a lot of plays in the beginning, but they didn’t give up, and instead, gave the Jag’s offense multiple chances to make some thing happen.  But the offensive woes continue.

Coach Jack Del Rio addressed the media earlier today to talk about yesterday’s loss among other things.  Here’s what he had to say:

The one down side to the defense yesterday was the play of Rashean Mathis.  We saw him get tossed around like a rag doll by Rashard Mendenhall and again, bust coverage on receivers.  Right off the bat, JDR was asked about his cornerback, in particular, the two plays that Mendenhall got him on: JDR1

There were a lot of decisions made through out the course of the game that is causing Jags fans to scratch their heads, in particular, the decision to kick the field goal when Jacksonville still needed 7 points to tie it.  Here’s Del Rio with why that decision was made: JDR2

When it comes to quarterback Blaine Gabbert, some people believe he has not made much progress since his first start several weeks ago.  Here’s JDR with his opinion on Gabbert’s progression and how you get the numbers for the QB looking better: JDR3  

And the stretch of defenses doesn’t get any easier.  The Jags will face the Ravens  in a Monday night match up a week from today.  Here’s Del Rio on preparing Blaine for that and how the teams he’s already seen will play into the situation: JDR4

Jacksonville was in a tough spot having to play with out tackles Eben Britton and Eugene Monroe, causing them to go to rookie Cameron Bradfield out of Grand Valley State.  Here’s JDR with how he thought Bradfield responded: JDR5

Del Rio also evaluated a couple of other player’s performances:

1. Aaron Kampman: JDR6

2. Matt Roth, Jeremy Mincey: JDR7

3. Nick Harris: JDR8

This has obviously been a tough stretch that has taken a toll on the team as well as Del Rio.  Here’s JDR with where he is: JDR9

Accoringing to Del Rio, he will stick with his coaching philosophy, which is as follows: JDR10

Luckily, the team is not facing morale problems, despite the tough times: JDR11

Hopefully Jacksonville can pull it together and get a big win over the Ravens this Monday night.


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