MJD: Running back, QVC Shopper, and Alicia Keys enthusiast….

Well we just keep getting to know Maurice Jones-Drew better and better this season…and it’s great!  Here’s the running back with some thoughts on the Jags upcoming match up with the Steelers and his obsession with R&B singer Alica Keys:

On Monday, MJD challenged his team to find out who was just going through the motions vs who wanted to really be there and play.  Here is Jones-Drew with how his team has responded: MJD1

Jones-Drew then talked about the goal that this team has going into this weekend, which is to score points: MJD2

MJD then added that it doesn’t matter that they are facing the Steelers.  As long as the offense executes, they’ll be ok: MJD3

He then talked about the game of football in general and how the rough patch this team is walking through relates to it: MJD4     

Alright, on to the good stuff.  Enjoy!  MJD5


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