24 hours later….JDR Monday edition of that’s what he said

So I am aware of the 24 hour rule.  But here we are, a day removed from Jacksonville’s heartbreaking loss to the Cincinnatti Bengals, and for some reason, it doesn’t feel any less dissapointing.  I’m sure JDR feels the same way, but I’ll give him credit–he seemed much more composed today than he did when he was sitting at that post game press conference around this time yesterday.  Now that the head coach has had a chance to “cool off,” let’s hear what he had to say in today’s edition of JDR: that’s what he said:

Here are Del Rio’s opening comments to today’s presser: JDR1

The comment was then made that “adversity reveals character” followed by the inquiry as to what  JDR has seen out of his team in the past 24 hours: JDR2

I then had a chance to ask Del Rio about Blaine in particular and how he has handled the tough start to the season, especially as a rookie: JDR3

JDR was then asked whether or not the lock out has been a contributing factor to where they are right now: JDR4

Matt Turk didn’t win any one over yesterday with both his punting and his goading of the crowd to boo him afterwards.  Jack agreed that that was no good: JDR5   (side note: JDR also confirmed today that the team will be trying out punters tomorrow.)

Because there’s been such a focus on the negative, Jack was asked to help us see what is positive about this team right now: JDR6

And finally, fans were frustrated that twice the Jags chose to kick field goals rather than try to punch it in on 4th down in the red zone.  JDR explained why the decision was made to take the 3 pts: JDR7

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear an update on the punter situation…


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