And the wheels keep falling off; Loss to Bengals aftermath

No sarcasm today.  No jokes or quotes or movie references.  That was just… awful.  I can’t remember the last time I have seen a team unravel so quickly in the last two minutes of a game.  From Matt Turk’s punt to the last second score by the Bengals after the botched lateral.  Enough of my words though.  Because Jack Del Rio and the players have enough to say.  And just a warning, it’s not pretty…

Let’s start with JDR.  Here’s the head coach’s words following the 20 to 30 final: JDR1

Del Rio was then asked about what he thought happened on the botched snap in the fnal minutes of the game: JDR2

Del Rio has said repeatedly that he thinks he has a good football team.  Because of that, the question came up concerning whether he sees his guys making the plays in practice and just not executing them in game time situations: JDR3

Jack then addressed the punting and the punt returns: JDR4

Defense was up next: JDR5

Jack then talked about already being on the hot seat and how much this loss will play even more into that: JDR6

So will there be any personnel changes as far as players who aren’t getting the job done? JDR7

So is it safe to say this is the toughest loss Del Rio has experienced as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars? JDR8

Now that we’ve heard from Del Rio, let’s hear from a few players on their reaction to this loss and more:

First, here’s Maurice Jones-Drew with his opening thoughts after the loss: MJD1

Next up, QB Blaine Gabbert on the botched snap: Gabbert1

According to C Brad Meester however, the blame fell to him: Meester1

Blaine was then asked if he thought that,after hitting Jason HIll for the 74 yd touchdown pass, that would be enough to put it away.  Here’s what he had to say: Gabbert2

Gabbert isn’t the only one frustrated though.  Here’s tight end Marcedes Lewis with how he feels following today’s game: Lewis1

Marcedes was targeted twice at the goal line and couldn’t convert on either attempt.  He addressed both of those plays after the game: Lewis2 

It’s dark days down at Everbank Field right now.  And Jacksonville’s schedule doesn’t get any easier.  The only silver lining of today’s game was that we were all given a box of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans to commemorate Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.  I’m going to go drown my sorrows in some toasted marshmallows….


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