Let the Sun Shine…. and MJD’s comedic moment

Coming up on Sunday, the Jags will face the Bengals at Everbank Field.  Once again, it’s a rookie QB vs a rookie QB.  Here’s more from Blaine Gabbert on Cincy’s stifling defense, Andy Dalton, and what this team is hoping to accomplish this weekend:

Here’s Gabbert on why the Bengals have one of the top ranked defenses in the league: Gabbert1

Blaine then talked about the redzone and the touchdown pass from last Sunday’s game against the Saints: Gabbert2

The topic then switched to timing, which seemed to be a big issue against New Orleans when it came to Gabbert hitting his receivers.  Here’s what the QB had to say: Gabbert3

Blaine was then asked about the situation the Jaguars are in right now, sitting at 1 and 3 on the season so far: Gabbert4

Gabbert then had a chance to talk about his friendship with Bengals rookie quarterback Andy Dalton: Gabbert5

Blaine then aswered the question of whether or not he feels any added pressure when going up against another rookie quarterback: Gabbert6 

And finally, here’s Maurice Jones-Drew with the line of the day..to set it up for you, Mojo was asked about how much sleep he got on Sunday following the Jag’s 23-10 loss.  Here is the conversation that ensued amongst MJD and all us reporters:  MJD talks the Home Shopping Network

End scene.


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