“Losing Stinks” plus JDR Monday press conference

If last week’s loss made me angry, this week’s loss just kind of left me….bummed out.  Like Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer when he sings “Love Stinks.”  Only change the words to “Losing Stinks.”

Again, the Jags now sit at 1 and 3 after losing to the Saints yesterday.  Here are today’s comments from Coach Jack Del Rio:

First off, JDR opened up today’s presser with a few general comments: JDR1

Luckily, the Jags have been pretty fortunate when it comes to injuries: JDR2

Jack then opened it up to questions and was first asked about the progression of QB Blaine Gabbert from last week to this week: JDR3

Del Rio then talked again about the missed opportunities: JDR4

Once again, the importance of “executing” was brought up: JDR5

Special teams has been a problem for Jacksonville this season.  Here’s Del Rio on how he thought that unit played against the Saints: JDR6

The wide receiver corp and how they are performing also came up again: JDR7

LB Daryl Smith had a big interception but ran out of bounds instead of making Drew Brees work for the tackle.  Here’s JDR on that play, which Smith has already admitted he made a mistake on: JDR8

But most importantly, here is Del Rio on what he realizes: JDR9

The Jags will  have their chance to bounce back against the Bengals this Sunday at 1:00.


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