Jaguars react to losing to the Saints

The Saints got the better of the Jaguars earlier this afternoon at Everbank Field.  Jacksonville’s record now stands at 1 and 3 after losing to Drew Brees and company 23-10 earlier this afternoon.  The Jags went into the half only trailing by 4, but were unable to capitalize offensively in the second half.  Here are a few players and their post game reactions and responses to the loss:

TE Marcedes Lewis:

*on what caused the loss: Marcedes1

*on whether or not timing is an issue: Marcedes2

*on whether the issues facing the offense can be corrected quickly: Marcedes3

*Lewis’ thoughts on QB Blaine Gabbert today: Marcedes4

*on whether or not patience is the key: Marcedes5

*but ultimately, here’s the bottom line: Marcedes6

WR Mike Thomas:

*on being frustrated: Thomas1

*on whether it’s difficult to get into rhythm with a new QB: Thomas2

*on whether it was nice to open up the offense/will we see more: Thomas3

DE Jeremy Mincey:

*was he pleased with his performance, despite the loss? Mincey1

*on the adjustments the defense made after 2 New Orleans td’s: Mincey2

*on balancing patience with frustration to make plays: Mincey3

*on whether he gets frustrated when the defense is doing their job and the offense can’t produce: Mincey4

LB Paul Posluszny:

*on how he thought the defense played: Posluszny1

*the specific area he thought they came up short: Posluszny2

*so what needs to happen to turn the corner? Posluszny3

*where there any positives? Posluszny4

RB Deji Karim one on one:

JB with Deji Karim


One Comment on “Jaguars react to losing to the Saints”

  1. cameron says:

    Being at this game drove me crazy. I dont think anyone would have thought this game would end up as close as it was, and that’s what made this loss so much more painful. The chance to be a top NFL team as underdogs was right there for the taking, and in the end we could not seize the opportunity. I like the way the defense played, and although Posluszny didn’t like how the defense played against the run; with New Orleans its all about stopping Drew Brees,and when they got pressure and made him uncomfortable the offense was clearly less dangerous. Other than not taking advantage of the turnover opportunities especially before the half; the thing that makes me most frustrated( and please help me out on this one) is MJD ONLY got 11 carries for the whole game. Is he not our best player? If you noticed he wasn’t even involved on the second to last series with 5 minutes left in the game. I just hope this season is salvaged by a more productive second half of the season in terms of the offense, so that the fan base will suffer less headaches like we have for the first four games

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