What’s on my mind grapes? Marcedes Lewis answers

First off, you will love the title if you are a fan of the show 30Rock.  If not, you’re probably thinking what the…  (My suggestion, watch 30Rock.  It is amazing.)

Ok, on to football.

I want to see more pictures like this one to the right….Marcedes in the end zone with the ball in his hand.  It’s been an interesting start to the season for #89.  A calf injury took him out against the Titans and forced him to miss the game against the Jets.  Most recently, he returned to the field to face the Panthers, but we didn’t see much other than MJD and a couple passes to Mike Thomas in that one.  I had a chance to talk to Lewis earlier this afternoon and asked him about his start to the season, the offensive woes, and more: JB with Marcedes Lewis



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