MJD and Sunshine: Mid Week News and Notes

Every Wednesday, we know we get the pleasure of hearing from RB Maurice Jones-Drew, QB Blaine Gabbert, and Coach Jack Del Rio.  So let’s div right in to what these three guys had to say somewhere between the loss to Carolina and preparing for the Saints:

Starting out with Mojo; the running back was asked whether or not Jacksonville is truly a balanced offense, and if so, what happened to that game plan against the Panthers: MJD1

Jones-Drew is obviously the heart and soul of this Jacksonville offense.  This team relies heavily on both the run and MJD being effective.  But for Jones-Drew, it takes more than just himself to make it all happen: MJD2

Mojo then talked about whether or not he abides by the 24 hr rule of letting go of a loss (or a win) in a span of 24 hours so that you can move on to the next match up: MJD3

Losses are still hard though, right? MJD4

But the goal for this upcoming week is still simple: MJD5


Alright, time to turn our attention once again to Blaine Gabbert.  Here’s the QB on where he is a couple days removed from the loss to Carolina: Gabbert1

Gabbert then addressed the timing between himself and the receivers and again, that the weather limited what they were able to do this past weekend: Gabbert2

Blaine was then asked about the blitz packages that the Saints defense likes to throw at offenses: Gabbert3

Despite having to face the blitz, Gabbert is excited about Sunday’s game and for good reason: Gabbert4

The Jags are averaging 9 points a game.  Blaine Gabbert is aware of that and knows the offense has to be better: Gabbert5

So I asked Blaine, how much would you like to see the offense open up on Sunday?  Here’s what he had to say: Gabbert6

Bottom line, as much as I love Josh Scobee, field goals will not beat the Saints.  So hear’s to hoping that Sunshine will light it up on Sunday.  Fingers crossed Dirk Koetter will let him.


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