QB Blaine Gabbert: that’s what he said, Post Carolina

Well, there was plenty of rain in Sunday’s game against the Panthers, so how about a dose of Sunshine?  Let’s hear from quarterback Blaine Gabbert on his post Panthers loss assertions:

First off, the botched play calling at the end seems to be what every one is curious about.  Yesterday Del Rio put the blame upon himself.  But JDR is not the only who feels responsible for how the last drive played out: Gabbert1

Blaine also addressed the fumbled snaps and whether or not those were solely due to the weather conditions: Gabbert2

He also talked about how big a factor the rain was: Gabbert2a

For Gabbert, he agreed with JDR as to why the Jags lost to the Panthers: Gabbert3

The good thing for Gabbert was that he was able to pick up even more real game experience vs what he can learn from practice: Gabbert4

That doesn’t mean he was happy with the outcome though: Gabbert5

Despite the loss, Gabbert is now in prep mode for the Saints.  And the game plan for the offense is simple: Gabbert6 

Here’s to sunshine on Sunday…


One Comment on “QB Blaine Gabbert: that’s what he said, Post Carolina”

  1. cameron says:

    Open up the playbook and let Gabbert throw the football. Regardless of how many INT`s, or drops the receivers may have I want to see his accuracy with the deep ball improve throughout the season, but you have to actually throw it deep first. The fans I believe will rally behind him if there is a change in the passing game, so there is no need to worry about his comfort level anymore. Right now we need to see improvement week by week and concentrate on developing his skills the best way we can so for the next ten years we can FINALLY have a legitimate passing threat.

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