Post loss to Carolina: JDR that’s what he said

ANGRY.  That’s how i feel today following Jacksonville’s 16-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers.  Like Mr. Larson in Happy Gilmore when he bent Shooter McGavin’s nine iron in half…

Let’s just get to what Jack Del Rio had to say today about every thing.  If nothing else, hopefully you get a laugh out of the picutre.  It’s much needed at this point.

First off, here’s Del Rio on what every one wants an explanation for; the clock management at the end of the game: JDR

Now that that’s taken care of, let’s get back to his opening comments to the media in which he discussed both the game yesterday and the things this team needs to improve upon moving forward: JDR1

He then addressed the offense in particular: JDR2

One thing that baffled me yesterday was the play calling.  The Jags ran it on 3rd and 8 but tried to throw from the 2 yard line, which resulted in the safety.  Apparently, Coach Del Rio was a little baffled by the conservative play calling as well: JDR3

Because Jack is a defensive coach, we know he’s going to let Dirk Koetter call the offense.  But apparently, if JDR sees something, he will communciate it to his offensive coordinator: JDR4

(So why didn’t he do that yesterday?  I don’t know…)

As far as injuries, the Jags are still looking pretty good heading into week 4: JDR5

And that’s a good thing, seeing as how the Jags need all key components if they are going to have any chance against the Saints.  Here is JDR on one thing this team has to do better if they want to beat New Orleans and that is convert third downs: JDR6

This team has one week to work on things before the Saints come rolling into town.  One thing is for sure; they HAVE to be better to stand any chance against Drew Brees and company on Sunday.


5 Comments on “Post loss to Carolina: JDR that’s what he said”

  1. cameron says:

    I know your gonna hate me but here it goes. This team is such a tease every year I am surprised we still have this many fans left. The defense is playing the best its been in years, and now our offense is struggling to even move down the field, or prevent safeties from happening. Last Year it was the defense, this year its the offense. I just dont know how many headaches the fans can suffer. JDR is one of the smartest coaches out there, but when you look at him on the field there is just no intensity/energy anymore. In this case maybe after years of being on the hot seat he is just not into the job anymore.Honestly I dont know how he has been able to put up with all the stress this long. If Gabbert helps by being a spark in the offense then we may see a change in this team, but right now three weeks and 29 points is a little depressing, so I can definitely share in the frustration

    • jblay1983 says:

      Im with you Cameron on all of that except one point–JDR is one of the smartest coaches out there? Then why does he not know what’s going on with his offense? He said he was confused as to why the offense played so conservatively? Then why didn’t he jump on the headset and talk to Koetter? I don’t think Im with you on that BUT I agree heavily that him being on the hot seat has worn him out. He looks it. At this point, maybe it is easier to just take the licks from the fans and the media then try to defend himself any longer…

      • cameron says:

        No I didnt mean it like that, I believe he is one of the more intelligent head coaches in the NFL from a book smart aspect so i dont think its fair for people to say he is an idiot, however I do believe he is a terrible game manager though, defense is his specialty so I think he will always know how to handle that side of the game. It just takes someone who can look at the entire scope of a team and make the decisions that benefit everyone. In hindsight maybe he was never really meant to be a head coach, but after meeting him in person I cant jump on the JDR=Idiot bandwagon. Thanks for the other support though

  2. sportscrew says:

    That game was in a monsoon. You really cannot blame the slow offense for this one. This was anyones game throughout the game, just very poor time management by JDR at the end of the game in the last minute. I mean they held Cam Newton to very limited yards and lite up the airways against the world champion Packers the week before. The defense is now ranked 1st against the run in the AFC and 4th overall in the NFL. They will keep them in games and I am curious to see how Gabbert plays against the Blitz in next week against the Saints.

    • jblay1983 says:

      Didn’t the safety occur before it started raining when they tried to throw it from the 2 yard line though? I think there was a set of 26 plays where the offense ran it 23 times and attempted to pass it 3. I just don’t think they will have a lot of success if that continues because the offense is going to so predictable. I’m with you though as far as the defense; Im very pleased with what they’ve been able to do so far.

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