The QB decision: reaction, reasoning, and more…

So the Jaguars have dropped another big announcement on us concerning the position of quarterback.  Rookie Blaine Gabbert will definitely get the start on Sunday against the Panthers.  Here’s Coach Jack Del Rio on why the decision was made: JDR1

Some of us probably saw it coming, some of us may still think McCown should get another shot.  Either way, #11 will be under center Sunday afternoon at 1:00.  Earlier today, Gabbert spoke to the media about the decision, his reaction to it, and more:

First up, the obvious question.  How ready is Blaine Gabbert to start?  Here’s what he had to say: Gabbert1

Gabbert also talked about what it was like today when he found out the decision: Gabbert2

Here’s when he  found out: Gabbert3

The conversation then turned to the time he got against the Jets and whether or not it helped him prepare for this weekend: Gabbert4

Here’s Blaine on what he thinks it’s going to be like going up against the Panthers, in particular, fellow rookie QB Cam Newton: Gabbert5

Looking ahead, we know Maurice Jones-Drew is going to get his normal number of carries and then some.  But maybe we will see more of the receivers involved in the game plan and here’s why: Gabbert6

Ok.  Getting to the guy that Gabbert is replacing–Luke McCown.  McCown graciously spoke with the media as well today.  Here’s McCown’s reaction to the decision: McCown1

McCown then addressed whether he expected on Sunday night after the loss to still have the starting job: McCown2

I then had a chance to ask McCown if he thought he at least deserved another chance: McCown2a

For McCown, it was important to him to make one thing clear in the midst of this situation: McCown3

Luke then shared what he believes his role on this team now looks like: McCown4

Finally, he talked about Gabbert and how he thinks he’s going to handle the challenge.  He even managed to have a sense of humor about it: McCown5

A few other players had a chance earlier today to weigh in on the situation.  Here’s WR Mike Thomas on how much confidence he has in Gabbert to take over the offense: Mike Thomas

In addition, Jones-Drew shared some thoughts.  Here’s the running back on the same question asked of Thomas.  How confident is he in Gabbert: MJD1

And finally, the question I was most curious to hear Mojo’s opinion on: MJD2

Good luck Blaine–here’s to a win over Carolina!


4 Comments on “The QB decision: reaction, reasoning, and more…”

  1. cameron says:

    regardless of how well Luke would have done this season we all know its Gabbert`s team. While I agree Blaine is the best QB on the roster, I am not a fan of starting rookie QB`s before they absolutely have to because confidence is not something that comes easy in the NFL. Many top ten rookies with gabbert`s skill set have come in and failed miserably( Jemarcus Russell, Alex Smith, Byron Leftwich) Look at Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers who both spent time on the bench before growing into the everyday starter, and they are now two of the most elite QB`s in the NFL. Im not saying Gabbert wont come in and light the world on fire, but with limited off season development it wouldn’t hurt to keep grooming him this season so he is more polished next year.

    • Ison says:

      Cameron, there were also some exceptional rookie quarterbacks that took the field: Bob Griese, Dan Marino, Peyton Manning … and this year, Cam Newton is off to a nice start. Keep in mind, Tom Brady (Bledsoe) and Aaron Rodgers (Farve) weren’t sat because they were rookies. They were sat because they had outstanding play callers in front of them.

      • cameron says:

        But there are also more QBs who have started right away and been complete busts. Im just saying the percentage for success is much higher for quarterbacks in the NFL that have been groomed with a full off season or ample time before getting rushed into the starting role. Gabbert played fairly well against Carolina except for the fumbled snaps. I want him to succeed, its been so hard watching the franchise take a dive over the last decade and it is time we had something to get excited about with this team. I would just prefer if the team lets Gabbert grow at a pace where he can be physically and mentally ready to lead a team. Not to mention have a better supporting cast next year, because lets face it Thomas, Hill, and Lewis are not the offensive weapons other teams game plan to start

  2. jblay1983 says:

    I agree with you Cameron that this team was always Blaine’s to inherit and I think you make some really good points, however, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to go ahead and get him in there. Regardless of whether or not he had two weeks or two years, he knew he would be stepping into this position. Based on the confidence he exudes and the way he talked the other day about getting the start, I do think he has been waiting for this moment, just like he said. Plus, getting his feet wet in the preseason against New England and getting that quarter in against the Jets was a great way to get his feet wet before Sunday. Hopefully it all plays out well!

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