JDR and Luke McCown: that’s what he said Monday edition

Oh that one hurt yesterday…  But as hard as it have to have been for fans, imagine it from a player’s or a coache’s perspective…  Well, that’s what I got for you here on today’s edition of that’s what he said:

 Let’s start with McCown.  McCown was 6 of 19 for 59 yards, no touchdowns, and 4 interceptions.  Here’s the QB on how he’s doing 24 hours later: McCown1

Del Rio has yet to announce if McCown or Blaine Gabbert will get the start on Sunday against Carolina.  Here’s McCown on whether or not that’s a tough situation for him: McCown2

McCown had a chance to watch tape today.  Here’s what he had to say after reviewing the film: McCown3

Jack Del Rio also took the opportunity to speak with the media today.  He was pretty ambiguous when it came to addressing the quarterback situation: JDR1

Interestingly enough, he was also asked whther he had any “seller’s remorse” when it came to releasing David Garrard.  Here’s what he had to say: JDR2

Jack was able to touch on some injuries as well.  He mentioned pro bowl tight end Marcedes Lewis, who was certainly missed in that 32 to 29 loss to the Jets: JDR3

Speaking of the loss, here’s Del Rio on where he thought his team broke down against the Jets: JDR4

Here’s Del Rio on what the team needs to do now: JDR5

24 hour rule in affect: forget this one and move on to facing the Panthers..


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