Titans @ Jags post game: JDR, MJD, and Luke McCown

Go ahead and celebrate Jack–you’re team is off to a 1-0 start in the tough AFC south, your defense looked great against the run, and Luke McCown made the transition to starter with out a hitch!  Here’s the coach, MJD, and McCown with some of their post-game thoughts:

Del Rio on opening day, the atmosphere, and the challenege he gave his guys before the game: JDR1

Del Rio then gave some post game analysis: JDR2

The head coach also addressed the two injuries that occured in the game to Marcedes Lewis and Derek Cox: JDR3

Del Rio was asked if he could talk about his use of Maurice Jones-Drew in the game and had a surprising response: JDR4

Apparently MJD wasn’t happy about hias lack of carries: JDR5

Here’s Maurice Jones-Drew’s take on the situation: MJD1

Mojo did make it clear however that he didn’t want to turn it into a big deal–he was hapy that his team and in the end, that’s what mattered most to him: MJD2

Getting back to Del Rio, JDR then addressed whether the limited number of carries was due to a health concern for Jones-Drew: JDR6

Del Rio was then asked if he had a certain number that he would like to see Mojo carry the ball: JDR7

JDR then switched over to the defensive side of the ball and talked about that unit in particular: JDR8

Del Rio then talked about his new starting quarterback, Luke McCown: JDR9

McCown also had a chance to address the media.  One of the first things he was asked about was how it felt to be out on the field.  McCown, being the humble guy that he is, gave a quick response then immediately turned the attention elsewhere: McCown1

He then addressed how the start in Jacksonville was different from his opportunities in Cleveland and Tampa Bay: McCown2

The Jags failed to convert a few times in the red zone and instead, settled for field goals.  McCown shared his thoughts on that as well: McCown3

McCown was then asked whether or not he thought he played well.  here’s what he had to say: McCown4

One concern coming in was how well the offensive line would be able to protect the quarterback.  here’s McCown on how he thought his o-line did today: McCown5

McCown connected with WR Mike Thomas on 3rd and 8 for a 26 yard gain good for a first down.  Some would consider it the biggest offensive play of the game, but for McCown, it wasn’t any thing fancy or special: McCown6

So the Jaguars are 1-0 in the AFC South.  McCown is completely capable, we have a good corp of backs, the defense has definitely improved, adn Chris Johnson didn’t get much going today. Point for Jacksonville….


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