Titans @ Jags Preview plus LB Paul Posluszny: that’s what he said

So despite how busy this week has been for the Jaguars when it comes to their quarterback situation, the team is still less than 48 hours away from facing the Titans and having to deal with this guy:

If you’ll remember last year, Tennessee straight up embarrassed the Jags in front of a national audience on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.  30 to 3?  Yeah, that’ll leave a mark.  The Titans finished with 324 yards that night, including a 35-yard touchdown run by Johnson on his final carry of the game.

It’s a little bit more interesting of a situation this year for both teams.  It’s obvious why on the Jacksonville side of things–Luke McCown will take the opening snap as this franchise’s new starting QB.  For Tennessee, we all know the drama that took place between that organization and their star running back when it came time for Johnson’s contract negotiations.  It caused him to msis not only training camp, but allof the preseason.  How will the missed time affect Johnson?  How is Jacksonville’s defense preparing for him?  I had a chance to catch up with LB Paul Posluszny and ask all of those questions, in addition to inquiring about the potential “best hair competition” that may be brewing between the Poz and rookie QB Blaine Gabbert:

JB with Posluszny

By the way, you decide who wins:

                       The Poz vs

6 Comments on “Titans @ Jags Preview plus LB Paul Posluszny: that’s what he said”

  1. cameron says:

    Aaron Kampman gets no love?

  2. Justin Y. says:

    Poz does kind of look like the Incredible Hulk version of Blaine.

  3. Carlito Supremo says:

    Poz looks like JDR in that picture…WEIRD

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