Cool Hand Luke: McCown’s first comments as the Jags new starting QB

Some people will like it, some people won’t.  But the bottom line is that Luke McCown is now the starting quarterback here in Jacksonville.  I personally think he’s going to handle the task well; he’s been preparing, as you’ll hear him say, for years for this moment and opportunity: McCown1

As the starting QB, McCown is going to be responsible, not only for leading the offense, but for being a team leader as well.  Here’s McCown on how he’s going to approach this role: McCown2

McCown, like the rest of the guys, didn’t know about the decision until it literally came down 48 hours ago.  I asked McCown what his reaction to the news was when he heard it.  Here is his repsonse: McCown3

McCown was then asked if he had had a chance to talk to David since the decision had been made: McCown4

Luke then elaborated on David as a person: McCown5

The topic then switched to QB Blaine Gabbert.  Luke was asked what he thought when the rookie got the start in week 1 against the Pats: McCown6

With the decision coming down just days  before the start of the regular season, McCown made it clear that he can’t dwell on what has happened, but instead has to move on and embrace his new role: McCown7

Luke was then asked whether or not he felt comfortable with how many reps he’s had with the first team: McCown8

Getting back to Gabbert, one thing Blaine has talked a lot about in the preseason was how important both McCown AND Garrard have been to him as far as his ability to learn the offense and transition into the NFL.  Because of that, I asked McCown about what conversations he’s had with Blaine now that he is Gabbert’s go to guy: McCown9

McCown is very much like Garrard in that every time I have interacted with him, he’s handled himself with class.  And now he’s the starting quarterback for this franchise with a rookie in waiting.  Despite what you may think of the decision to let Garrard go, it’s time to rally around McCown.  Good luck Cool Hand–prove my new nickname for you right!


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