Jack Del Rio and Gene Smith comments on releasing David Garrard

The Jaguars obviously made a huge announcement today.  The club is releasing David Garrard and have named Luke McCown as their opening day quarterback.  I had a chance to go to the press conference where Jack Del Rio and GM Gene Smith discussed the decision.  Here is some of what they had to say:

Jack Del Rio opened up by explaining to every one that the decision to let Garrard go was purely a football one: JDR1

Del Rio then briefly discussed his relationship with David but added that the quarterback just couldn’t get it going during the preseason: JDR2

Del Rio then brought up Luke McCown and how he believes that McCown gives the Jags the best chance of winning on opening day: JDR3

Del Rio also explained that the franchise has not had any discussions about the possibility of bringing Garrard back in the future for less money: JDR4

Del Rio also commented on Luke’s camp performance as well as Blaine not yet being ready to take over this offense due to the limited amount of time: JDR5

The decision did not have any thing to do with the health of David.  Garrard is 100%, which was made clear today: JDR6

Del Rio was asked about the timing of letting Garrard go and whether or not the timing of the decision reflected that David had been treated well by the organization.  Del Rio said that he does think that Garrard has been treated well by the franchise: JDR7

Del Rio now has an interesting quarterback situation on his hands.  Luke McCown has never really been a starter and if anything happens to him, Gabbert will be a rookie leading this offense.  And according to Del Rio, he is comfortable with his current QB situation: JDR8

Here’s the bottom line of the situation and what it all came down to from Del Rio’s perspective: JDR9

Gene Smith spoke breifly when asked questions.  Here is his first comment, thanking David and saying that he has left a mark on the franchise: GS1

Gene Smith also summed up that the decision was an evaluation thing: GS2

The Jaguars are now less than a week away from their regular season opener against AFC South rival Tennesee Titans.  It will be interesting to see how this decision affects them.  I think Luke McCown is a capable leader, butonly time will tell whether this was the right move or not.


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