His name’s Del Rio and he dances on the sand…..

Duran Duran.  This is starting to get fun!  Ok, on to the Jags stuff….

First off, I’m going to be honest.  It concerns me that Jack Del Rio is not bothered much by how bad his team looks in the preseason.  The Patriots lost to Detroit the other night and Bill Belichick looked like he wanted to fight some one.  Im  not saying Del Rio needs to  be Belichick (Lord know one of him is enough) but show some anger when your team gets embarassed!  Have a reaction!  Here’s what he had to say earlier today about the preseason: del rio 1

Jack, you’re already on the hot seat.   And with comments like that, you’re not really helping your case, in particular, with the fans.  Apparently it doesn’t really bother Del Rio either that his team is the only one in the league who has not yet managed to register a sack in the preseason: del rio 2

Really?  Nobody cares?  Because I had a chance to check with defensive end Jeremy Minecy and this is what he had to say about it: mincey 1

Thank you Jeremy!  You should be frustrated!  You should take pride in what your preseason play looks like!  (Quick side note: Mincey will find out the results from his trip to the doctor at some point tomorrow and will know then whether or not he will be cleared to play on Thursday against the Rams following his concussion.)

I don’t get it some times with Del Rio.  I really don’t.  Let’s move on to some other things that he mentioned today.  Del Rio has already said that the fourth preseason game against the Rams will be treated differently due to the lack of time caused by the lockout, meaning we will finally see Maurice Jones-Drew and Aaron Kampman.  The head coach did touch upon how he will treat playing time for his starters, in particular, those two guys: del rio 3

He also gave an update, albeit an ambiguous one, concerning Eben Britton and Zack Miller: del rio 4

Again, here’s to hoping we see some sparks on Thursday night against the Rams; on the field and on the sideline.


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