Blaine Gabbert and Maurice Jones Drew: that’s what he said…

Gabbert on what he wants to accomplish against Buffalo:  gabbert1

Gabbert on what he’s specifically aiming to work on: gabbert2

Gabbert on his  biggest priority right now: gabbert3

Gabbert on mistakes and learning from them: gabbert4

Gabbert on time being what he needs the most: gabbert5

Gabbert on best advice he’s received from Garrard and McCown: gabbert6

Gabbert on what the offense needs to do better: gabbert7

Gabbert on the quarterback situation for the reg season opener: gabbert8

Mojo on being ready to play: mojo1

Mojo on what he’d like to have before the reg season opener: mojo2

Mojo on how the knee feels 3 weeks in: mojo3

Mojo on why fans shouldn’t worry right now: mojo4


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