The Jags on movies and music

So my job as a Jaguars reporter is to not only give you the important facts from practice, press conferences, and the locker room, but to also fill you in on the fun stuff too…like some of the player’s favorite movies and musicians!  (Mine by the way are Shawshank Redemption and Led Zeppelin–feel free to add yours at the bottom!)  Here’s the list:

Player:                                   Favorite Movie:                       Favorite Musician:

David Garrard                     Beastmaster (yes…)                     Norah Jones

Josh Scobee                         Karate Kid (the original)            Frank Sinatra

Blaine Gabbert                   We Were Soldiers                         Too many to pick

Luke McCown                   Lord of the Rings Trilogy              Anthony Evans

Todd Bouman                         Caddyshack                                     ACDC

Maurice Jones-Drew           Wedding Crashers                          Alicia Keys

Rashad Jennings                   Law Abiding Citizen                       John Mayer

Brad Meester                           Caddyshack                               Alabama/ACDC

Aaron Kampman                     Rocky IV                                 Too many to pick

Rashean Mathis                          Life                                       Da Truth (gospel rapper)

Paul Posluszny                       Braveheart                                    Pearl Jam

Eugene Monroe                     Goodfellas                                  Esperanza Spalding

Mike Thomas                      Coming to America                           Lil Wayne

Jason Hill                               Training Day                                Michael Jackson

Jeremy Mincey                   White Chicks                                  K-Rino/Tupac

Marcedes Lewis                 Boyz in the Hood                           Too many to pick

Cecil Shorts                            Home Alone                                       Drake

Kyle Bosworth                  Shawshank Redemption                     George Strait

Clint Session                                 Life                                                   Sade

Derek Cox                            Back to the Future                        Michael Jackson

Austen Lane                         Reservoir Dogs                                 Avett Brothers

Terrence Knighton           Shawshank Redemption                           Jay-Z

Montell Owens                          The Help                                      Winton Marcellus


2 Comments on “The Jags on movies and music”

  1. Don Johnson says:

    That’s just good reporting right there!! Todd Bouman should move up the depth chart just because of that answer.

  2. Jessica Woodrum says:

    I am totally going to win those quizzes at the games now.

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